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Data Assimilation in meteorology and oceanography

DATA ASSIMILATION: "The assimilation of meteorological and oceanographical observations can be described as the process through which all the available information is used in order to estimate as accurately as possible the state of the atmospheric or oceanic flow. The available information essentially consists of the observations proper, and of the physical laws that govern the evolution of the flow. The latter are available in practice under the form of a numerical model"  (Talagrand, 1997)

Data assimilation studies:
AUS: Assimilation in the Unstable Subspace
BDAS: Breeding on the Data Assimilation System
NWP: Numerical Weather Prediction
OI: Optimal Interpolation
SC: Successive Corrections
3D-Var: 3-Dimensional VARiational assimilation
4D-Var: 4-Dimensional VARiational assimilation

Model Observations Method Period References
(links to full-text papers in the publication list page )
MOLOCH: limited-area, non-hydrostatic, convection-resolving NWP model developed at CNR-ISAC, Bologna Synthetic observations (among which: radar reflectivity) AUS-BDAS 2009-2014 Uboldi (ECODYC workshop, Dresden 2010)
Uboldi et al. (4th HyMeX workshop, Bologna,2010)
Uboldi and Trevisan (workshop on instability properties of regional models, Bruxelles, 2010)
Uboldi et al. (SRNWP workshop on Data Assimilation, Bologna, 2011)
Uboldi and Trevisan (Nonlin. Proc. Geophys., 2015)
FARM: atmospheric dispersion model, in collaboration with Aria-Net , Milano Real observations (atmospheric pollutants concentrations) Nudging; OI 2009-2010  
MICOM primitive-equation isopycnal ocean model (Bleck 1978) Synthetic observations AUS-BDAS 2003-2005 Uboldi et al. (EGU meeting, Nice, 2004)
Trevisan et al. (1st THORPEX Symposium, Montreal, 2004)
Uboldi et al. (Nonlin. Proc. Geophys, 2005)
Uboldi et al. (4th WMO symposium on Data Assimilation, Prague, 2005)
Uboldi and Trevisan (Nonlin. Proc. Geophys. 2006)
Trevisan et al. (2nd THORPEX symposium, Landshut, 2006)
Quasi-Geostrophic model (Rotunno and Bao, 1996) Synthetic observations AUS-BDAS 2002-2008 Carrassi et al. (R. Daley memorial symposium, Montreal, 2003)
Uboldi et al. (EGU meeting, Nice, 2004)
Uboldi et al. Nonlin. Proc. Geophys, 2005)
Uboldi et al. (4th WMO symposium on Data Assimilation, Prague, 2005)
Trevisan et al. (2nd THORPEX symposium, Landshut, 2006)
Carrassi et al. (Tellus-A, 2007)
Carrassi et al. (EGU meeting, Wien, 2007)
Carrassi et al. (Nonlin. Proc. Geopyhs. 2008)
Carrassi et al. (Chaos 2008)
Lorenz 40-points model (Lorenz 1996; Lorenz and Emanuel 1998) Synthetic observations AUS-BDAS 2000-2004 Trevisan and Uboldi (J. of Atmos. Sci. 2004)
Carrassi et al. (Chaos 2008)
Burgers equation Synthetic observations Weak-constraint 4D-Var
(with explicit consideration of model error)
1996-2000 Uboldi and Kamachi (3rd WMO symposium on Data Assimilation, Quebec City, 1999)
Uboldi and Kamachi (Tellus-A, 2000)
COMPASS-K Pacific Ocean Circulation Model operational at the Ocean Division of the Meteorological Research Institute, Tsukuba, JAPAN Synthetic Eddy Model fitted to XBT (eXpendable BathyThermograph) profile data OI 1996-1998 Uboldi and Kamachi (Japanese Oceanographical Society meeting, Tsukuba, 1997)
Kamachi et al. (Adv. in Atmos. Sci, 2001)
Kamachi et al. (Journal of Oceanography, 2004a)
Kamachi et al. (Journal of Oceanography, 2004b)
BOLAM: limited area NWP model developed at CNR-FISBAT (now ISAC), Bologna Real observations: TEMP radionsondes (T, Q, U, V) and SYNOP (MSLP) SC; OI; 3D-Var 1992-1996, 1998-2001 Uboldi and Buzzi (Nuovo Cimento C, 1994);
Uboldi et al. (MAP meeting, Innsbruck, 1996);
Buzzi et al. (3rd EGS Plinius Conference, Baja Sardinia, 2001);
LAMBO: limited area NWP model: a version of the Eta-model (Mesinger et al., 1998), then operational the regional weather service of Emilia Romagna, Bologna Real observations: TEMP (T, Q, U, V) and SYNOP (mslp) SC; OI 1992-1996